Professional Consultancy Services

New Alchemy has been providing consultancy services for many years to industry.

We can assist you in a number of ways such as:

Preparation of your annual report required by the Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser Regulations
Dangerous goods compliance auditing ranging from laboratory practice with samples through road tankers and tank containers and shore-side activities with shipping
Advice on classification, identification, packaging, marking, labelling etc. for transport
Advice on classification and labelling for 'supply' (or 'CHIP' in the UK)
Internal auditing for transport companies to the requirements of Quality Assurance - ISO 9001.
One to one practical training in resolving compliance issues 'on the spot'
'On-call' services where staff with problems with a need to an immediate answer can phone in for advice

Try us! We've a proven record of success in all our consultancy work.

Try us! We've carried out consultancy and training work in most parts of the world.