Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers

We offer in-house training courses for candidates preparing for the examinations as Dangerous Goods

Safety Advisers. Often an in-house course is more economical than attending public courses if there are five or more trainees.

We also offer one-day 'top-up' courses for anyone wishing to add the rail and inland waterways qualification to their DGSA certificate.

We offer a one-day overview on how to do the DGSA job, drawing heavily on German experience from where this legislation stems.

We also act as independent consulting Dangerous Goods Advisers within the Dangerous Goods Agency consortium. If you need a consultant DGSA, this is the best way to do it as the Agency guarantees to provide cover if your consultant is unavailable e.g. due to holiday, accident or illness. Our consortium members also share experiences and knowledge with each other. Consortium members will also advise on the sea and air modes even though these modes are out of scope of the regulations in the UK.

Contact us right now for a competitive quotation, either for DGSA training or consultancy.