New Alchemy Tank Container Operator Training Course

New Alchemy Tank Container Operator Training Course

We have been offering an highly specialised training course for tank container operators since 1987.

This course takes place annually in the first week of January and the last week of September where New Alchemy is based, Southport, near Liverpool, UK. It lasts five days.

Contact New Alchemy to obtain exact dates and prices for this course using the email address below.

It focuses on dangerous goods in tank containers but not exclusively. Beer tanks, for example, are encompassed.

This course takes as its themes in order to be a tank container operator:

  • You must have a knowledge of the legislation, particularly the dangerous goods legislation governing their use
  • You must have a good understanding of the dangers of the chemicals which are carried in tank containers
  • You must have an appreciation of how tank containers are designed, constructed, inspected, tested and certificated
  • You must then put all this knowledge together to plan and carry out a tank container operation. You must, for example, understand heating systems, marking and labelling and what documentation is needed to accompany the laden tank container.

So far, this course has been attended by tank container personnel from Australia, Belgium, Brasil, Bulgaria, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Ireland, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, UAE, UK, USA.

Comments such as 'illuminating' 'immensely informative' 'I never realised there is so much to know about tank containers' 'I've got an enormous amount of work to do when I return to the office from what I've learnt' are quite common at the end of this five day course.

The course includes refreshments and a light lunch each day.   
Normally the course will start at 08.45 hrs each day and finish at 18.00 hrs.   
Trainees will be expected to undertake some tasks in the evenings on their own.
The course is non-residential.Trainees find their own accommodation though help and advice will be given to do this.

Please email us your contact details so that we can send you the latest information regarding dates, availablity of places and prices.

The course is available on an in-house basis anywhere in the world.

To reserve your place, email Roy Boneham at

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